Christ The Bread of Life Parish

The Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council has a critical strategic planning and advisory role consistent with the recommendations of Archdiocese of Hartford.  Its main task is to foster the participation of our Parishioners in our Parish life and mission and to advise and assist the Pastor in developing and implementing a Parish Pastoral Plan, as well as to help address issues of pastoral concern. It is composed of members of the parish staff, chairpersons or representatives of various parish ministries and organizations as well as members appointed by the pastor on the basis of their particular expertise.

Parish Council 2018
Caroline Alexander
 Maria Anthony
Barbara Brandi,
Peter Carbine,
 Oscar Cirio 
Alisha Dunford
 Sheryl Hershonik
Gina Hunn
Richard Inzero
Richard Joseph
Pat McCusker
Lori Mikolinski
Vivian Orie
Marie Sargeant
Kristen Siedlarz
Ossa Tullio,
Jose Valencia- Contreras
 Keith S.Van Ness
Sarah Viglione
Pina Violano

Ex Officio Members
Anyanwu Father Kelechi, Pastor
Cirio Griselle, Sacramental Coordinator
Doug  Decerbo, Trustee
Lorraine  Denicola, Trustee
Bill  Ianiello, Business Manager
Ibe Sister Jacinta, Director of Faith Formation
Mary Prescott, Pastoral Associate
Jim Taylor, Deacon