St. Paul VI Parish 

Ascension Church, Blessed Sacrament Church 

Our Lady of Mt Carmel, St. Rita

May Crowning

Reverence for the Mother of God - Our Blessed Virgin Mary - takes place during the Crowning of Mary held in May.  Parishioners show their love for Mary by bringing her flowers in procession, crowning her as Queen, singing her special songs, and together, praying the Rosary.

There are many wonderful locations and opportunities to have retreats, both at our Parish and at other locations. Come and be a part of the discussion about what we can offer to our Parish Family.

Adoration gives us a time of solitude...a quiet time spent before the altar where we may talk with God alone. This is the God who made us...who knows all of our needs and desires us to spend this quiet time adoring Him. Adoration begins and ends with Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament which includes the songs, O Salutaris Hostia, Tantum Ergo, and Holy God, We Praise Thy Name. Jesus is elevated in the Monstrance, incense abounds, and all present experience a bit of Heaven on earth.

Bible Study
Join Father as he helps us understand the various books of the Bible. Be part of discussion. Learn more about our Jewish roots and the mission of Jesus.

Rosary Group
We currently have a group that meets Wednesdays evenings in the Chapel at the Parish Center of the Blessed Sacrament Campus. Perhaps people would be interested in also meeting during the day.

Prayer Group
Our prayer group prays to the Holy Spirit who then leads us to a closer relationship with our Lord, Jesus. Our time spent together includes the rosary, song and praise, quiet time, and ends with us in a circle, hands joined, placing before God our prayer intentions. Prayer group members become family and this family provides the vital link between God and our parish.

Evangelization Ministry